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Going Green!


Ideas to "Go Green" and Save our Environment!

Relocating Structures is the world's oldest and largest recycling industry!

  1. "Go Green" - Moving a house that is planned to be demolished for Economic Growth and other needs can be a great opportunity!
  2. Use what we already have:  structures, buildings; Move the structure to a better location instead of expanding into new ones.
  3. If possible, Give the house/building to another organization, business, or family - use well what we have instead of tearing down.
  4. Perserve Historical buildings and structures
    • Make an effort to preserve our history, buildings, etc. by joining local preservationists and help get these pieces of history moved to a location where our children can learn from our past.
    • Restoration and revitalization is crucial to preserving the past
    • Shows respect and helps to restore our heritage
  5. Moving homes and structures help to keep character of our regions.
  6. Recycle homes and buildings instead of building new - Move to a new location and refurbish.
  7. Preserve the resources we already have.
  8. Just think of the space one structure would take up if it were demolished and taken to a landfill.




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